Glass Fencing is a modern and elegant fence and balustrade solution that adds stylish appeal in any application. With glass fencing, you can create a glamorous and sophisticated feature for your pool area, balcony or deck whilst providing the maximum level of safety that we all want for our 'peace of mind' - without spoiling your view.

Sydney Glass Fences offers a wide range of glass products and glass styles to suit any area in both frameless and semi-frameless systems that can be utilised for pool fencing, balustrading or as a feature screen.

Why choose glass fencing?

  • Aesthetics: Glass fencing provides a truly elegant finish that complements the surrounding space without compromising your view. Rather than caging in your pool or balcony, the clarity and transparency of glass pool fencing creates no visual barriers, only a safety barrier that allows your pool or scenic view to remain a feature and completely undisturbed.
  • Safety and security: Glass fencing provides a sturdy and robust barrier that has no toeholds making it more difficult for a child to climb over. The transparency of glass pool fencing allows you to have a clear view of what is happening inside your swimming area.
  • An investment: Glass fencing is truly value adding and is seen not only as a safety requirement but as a feature that adds style and a 'wow' factor to your home. With glass fencing becoming more and more affordable, glass pool fencing and balustrading is becoming more and more popular and mainstream than ever.
  • Durability: Glass fencing does not rust, bend, fade or weather like metal or timber fencing with the hardware and fittings being either marine grade stainless steel or aluminium which both offer excellent corrosion resistance.

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