Frameless & Semi-Frameless Glass Fences

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass is widely considered to be the premium system of all pool fence and balustrade systems. The combination of 12mm 'A' grade toughened glass with marine grade stainless steel hardware and fittings ensures a safe, secure and durable barrier is created whilst complementing the surrounding space and enhancing your beautiful view. The combination of glass and stainless steel has quickly become a classical combination

  • Spigot fixed: Glass is supported by stainless steel spigots (also known as clamps) that are either fixed into coreholes drilled into the ground (concrete or masonry) or bolted onto the floor surface. Spigot fixing creates a gap under the glass panel (typically 40-80mm) which is desirable to allow dirt and debris to not be caught against the bottom of the glass. Spigots are either square or round and finished in either a polished, mirror finish or a brushed, satin finish and are in themselves a feature of the glass fence. Spigot fixed is the most common frameless glass system.
  • Channel fixed : Glass is fixed into a channel creating the illusion that the glass is free-standing. The channel is either preformed or cast into a new concrete slab or can be retro-fitted in the form of a metal 'U' channel that is bolted to the ground. Channel fixed glass allows paving or tiling to finish flush against the glass creating a seamless finish with no gap under the glass.
  • Stand-Off/Side Fixed: Glass is side fixed into an existing structure (typically concrete or timber). Holes are pre-drilled into the glass at specific locations with bolts inserted through the holes and fixed into the side of the structure. Bolts are dressed and hidden with stainless steel patch fittings which are in themselves a feature.

Semi-Frameless Glass

Semi frameless glass achieves the same sense of style and elegance but more economically. Semi frameless glass is typically 8mm or 10mm glass supported by aluminium posts with a preformed channel or recess that the glass slides into. The glass is then sealed into the post with specific rubber seals that prevent the glass from rattling and sliding within the post.

The aluminium posts used for semi frameless can be powdercoated to any colour of your choice or can be an anodized aluminium finish to imitate a stainless steel finish. If required, posts can also be installed in stainless steel or powdercoated steel, but these options have become less popular due to the cost effectiveness and corrosion resistance of aluminium.

Semi frameless glass can be fixed into a foundation that is not concrete or masonry. The semi frameless posts can be anchored into natural ground (ie. soil, clay) provided that a minimum 600mm deep hole can be dug and sufficient concrete poured. This makes semi frameless glass not only an economical but also a versatile glass fencing solution.

Pool Fencing and Balustrades

Both frameless and semi frameless systems can be applied for pool fencing and balustrading. Apart from where they are located the main difference between pool fencing and balustrading is the overall height of the fence (pool fences a minimum of 1200mm high, balustrades 1000mm high).

To be deemed compliant, glass balustrades typically require an additional handrail or top rail. Sydney Glass Fences can discuss the various handrail materials, profiles and fixing methods to find a solution to best suit your style and budget.

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